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Stories from LCU

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"Though redemption starts with us, it doesn't end with us."

Qu'eed, "Redemption & RJ" Alumni Workshop,

January 2018 


Stories Are Us

By Richard Gross

Storytelling is an essential part of Let's Circle Up (LCU). The learning that occurs in LCU spaces results from the stories that those who sit in our circles share with each other. Our facilitators lead a series of experiences that attempt to build community and trust so that these stories can be drawn forth into each circle. A group received from a workshop experience as much as it collectively contributes by freely offering the gift of its stories. We learn not by lecture or advice but from the wisdom and life experience of each other. We are our stories. And when we share our stories, we share ourselves.

The following are the latest stories with LCU connection written by people who have shared an LCU circle with us. Click the titles to read the full stories. To see all of our LCU Stories click here.

From the Inside:

By Felix Rosado


In 2007, at age 30 and twelve years into my death-by-incarceration sentence (more commonly referred to as life without parole), something drastic happened...

By Richard Gross

February 1, 2020

I was facilitating a mini RJ workshop: four sessions on a weekend. We were in a different room than before, this one without a clock on the wall. I was working with Ace and Anthony...

By Shawnfatee "Muhsin" Bridges

December 7, 2019

After spending twenty years on death row, then being thrust into general population, I didn’t know what would become of me. I felt nervous, anxious, not really knowing if I would fit in...

By Larry Stromberg and Eli Goodrich


I was reminded of shared humanity, and this is no small thing when considering the pursuit of justice. But the day drew on, the sun now high in the sky somewhere outside of the thick....

From our Friends:

By Anne Dalke
November 2, 2019

Halloween 2019. My entry has been easy tonight. I have finally found the right bra, one I can wear to get through the metal detector without setting it off, having to go through...

On Other Sites:

By Charles Boyd
March 31, 2020

Here an interview with Charles Boyd about the experience of COVID-19 on the inside. Interview conducted by Ellis Maxwell, co-head of Rethink Incarceration

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