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LCU Workshops

 What began as a workshop is evolving into a movement. We offer three kinds of workshops with inside and outside participants--the Intro, Advanced and Mini—as well as The Alumni Project.

Intro to Restorative Justice

Developed by incarcerated people, these 2-hour-a-week, 10 week workshops aim to expand participants' perspectives on crime, justice, victimization, and accountability by shifting the conversation from abstract legal terms to a human context based on relationship, community, and healing.

Advanced Restorative Justice Workshop

This is also a 2-hour-a-session, 10-session workshop, and as a second-level it digs into more complex issues, such as labeling, closure, and forgiveness; puts RJ in a global context; and moves the conversation from theory to practice by ending with group projects.

Mini RJ Workshop

A condensed version of the Intro to RJ Workshop to allow for short term residents to participate as they cannot commit to 10 weeks of sessions. 

Day Long Communities Inside

In an attempt to share the mini workshop with the larger outside community and as inside steering committee members have been released, LCU facilitates a two-day mini-workshop beyond the prison walls in the Philadelphia area.

Day Long Communities Outside

Day-long workshops are opportunities specially designed for and with LCU's partner organizations, which offer an opportunity to strengthen our connection by exploring overlapping missions and visions for our collective work. LCU has hosted students, staff,  and faculty of Eastern Mennonite University (EMU) and Haverford College for workshops focused on "frontiers in RJ" and "ethical partnership."

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