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Something New

By Robert "Crusty" Lindsay

December 7, 2019

I was invited to LCU groups every month for 12 years by the cofounder Phill, and in 2015 I finally decided to attend my first LCU group. And to say I was more than surprised by the openness between group members is an understatement. I never knew that a place like this existed in prison, a place where you can go every Thursday night, and share what is on your mind without worrying about negative feedback or being undercut. That’s not what LCU is about. And on my 10th week, which was the night for graduation, I realized that I went from not laughing or shaking hands to doing all the possible things that I say is not cool for a know-it-all like me, thanks to LCU. Every LCU group that I’ve attended since that first one has done nothing but give me a better way of thinking.

Not young, not old, just grown. A man before his time, everything that he do and say was before his time. Can I be a star? Yes, I can. Can I be a good guard? Ha! Yes, I can. Can I be a good leader? Yes, I can. Can I be a prisoner—but hold on, I am a prisoner, that’s trying to be a good example of an ex-prisoner. What is life?

--Robert Lindsay, aka Crusty hails from the sunny island of Jamaica. I migrated to the USA to give myself a better chance to an engineer, but fast money and fast cars got the best of me. I wanted that life style so much that I started to sell drugs to support living in the fast lane. But as time goes on, so does my dream.


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